Spotify Employees Demand the Right to Censor the Joe Rogan Experience

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Not a week goes by without some controversy, fake news, or attempt at censorship. Spotify currently faces an internal revolt due to Joe Rogan. Company employees want him censored on the platform, but that will probably never happen. 

Joe Rogan Causes a Stir

Most Bitcoin enthusiasts will know the name Joe Rogan. Although he made his name through other ventures, he also pays close attention to Bitcoin and altcoins. His podcasts have often touched upon these concepts over the years. He’s also a color commentator for the UFC, allowing him to sign a multi-year deal with Spotify. 

It is this partnership that may come under pressure. More specifically, his controversial material is causing a fair bit of ruckus. Spotify employees want upper management to censor Rogan because of it. Additionally, they want direct editorial oversight over the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

Giving staffers the ability to edit or remove sections of interviews is clearly censorship. While employees may not be fans of the podcast, it has a major following. It also brings in a fair bit of revenue for Spotify. Balancing between revenue and keeping employees happy may become a massive headache. 

The reason behind this ruckus is misinformation distributed by Joe Rogan regarding the Portland fires. While Rogan apologized publicly, he never addressed the Spotify situation. As such, a lot of people grow worried about the lasting damage this can do to the Spotify brand itself. 

If these requirements by employees aren’t met, a major strike can break out. Most of the dissatisfaction is found among employees working at the New York office.

What is Coming Next?

It is not the first time Joe Rogan faces some criticism over his podcast. His wide range of guests is appreciated by most listeners, but also offends others. Interviewing people in sports, politics, and pop culture is a good balance. Asking tough questions – or going into controversial topics – is a way to create a unique brand. 

At the same time, the Spotify deal cannot be ignored. The company is paying him $100 million for the exclusive rights to his Joe Rogan Experience podcast. When money is involved, it is only normal that issues like these need to be taken seriously.

Censoring one of the hottest podcasts on the planet would probably do more long-term damage to Spotify, though. Rest assured this debacle is far from over. If a strike and protest occur, there will undoubtedly be consequences for all parties involved.  


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